Saturday, December 22, 2012

Please Contact ............

Please contact your U. S. Congress Person and Senator and ask them to think about their lower class and middle class constituents that will be hurt by their decision not to make a compromise on the fiscal cliff.

Did you know the following? Of your 100 Senators 66 are worth 1 mil to 231 mil; 16 are worth $999,999 to $500,000; 8 are worth to $499,99 to $250,000 and 10 are worth less than $100,000.

There are 435 voting members of Congress. 250 are worth over 1 million; 100 are worth over $500,000 and 50 are worth over $250,000 leaving 35 members having a net worth of less than $250,000.

Do they have any idea of how hard it is for the majority of people to exist on a low to middle class income? I don’t think so. They probably don’t even know what a loaf of bread costs.

Please contact them, wish them a happy holiday and ask them to think about the majority of people in this great country that will be affected by their realistic compromise or lack of and not just how much their rich contributors will not give them if they make a truly thoughtful decision. Or maybe they were just hoping we would all disappear yesterday. Didn't happen! Now they have to finish the job they got elected to do.

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