Thursday, November 17, 2011

Back To Blogging

The “Scuttlebutt-Jim” blog is back now as “Just Connecting Words”. I’ve finished my book and I’m about half way through the first edit which leaves time to return to writing a blog. Thanks to my daughter for giving me the original push to start one. Some of my followers told me they missed my daily offerings and even asked when and if I would start a blog again. Well I’m back, not necessarily by popular demand, but more as an outlet for the ideas I feel I have to get down on paper. I probably won’t write everyday, only when I feel inspired to share something that’s on my mind. Or in other words, as spirit moves me.

“Just Connecting Words” seemed like a good title because that’s all writing really is. The hard part is choosing the right words and getting those words in the right order. The goal of course is to end up with something that will interest someone enough to read what’s written and then come back for more. Hope some of my writing is interesting enough to do just that.