Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lies, Lies, Everybody Lies

If you have never in your life told a lie, not even a itty bitty one, then this post isn’t for you because you are either delusional or you have told the lie so often that you actually believe it. If you can read this you probably know the difference between a lie and the truth, but teaching that to young children is sometimes difficult. As Christians we know that lying is a sin and something we are not supposed to do. However, sometimes we try to justify it by saying we lied so we wouldn’t hurt someone’s feelings.

So what constitutes a lie?

White lies, acceptable or not? Supposedly told to someone for their own good and doesn’t really hurt anyone. But isn’t it still a lie? Does this dress make me look fat? No dear, Rubenesque figures are now in vogue.

Is not disclosing all the facts considered a lie? Our current Governor in WI didn’t mention while campaigning that he was planning to do away with the union’s right to bargain. I was told I should have know that by what he did in Milwaukee, where I haven’t lived for 17 years. I cannot tell a lie. I didn’t vote for him and I signed his recall papers.

Half truth’s - intended to deceive by leaving out half the facts, includes some truth, but also leaves some out on purpose. Very similar to the last paragraph.

Lying to manipulate others. Many politicians promise anything and everything to get elected and then come up with excuses why they couldn’t provide what they promised.

Consequences of lying - You could loose your wife, family, job, even become incarcerated and lose your freedom. Oh, and your self esteem if you had any to begin with. Those that think they will never get caught surely are not thinking about consequences. Do any politicians come to mind?

Getting caught and trying to explain the lie. Whoops! Some don’t think getting caught is that big of a deal. They say they’re sorry and promise they’ll never do it again. Don’t bet money on that one. Too many people in all walks of life to list.

Lies hurt both the person telling it, the person it’s about and those it affects. Yes it will catch up with you eventually. Just like all crooks will get caught sooner than later.

Tell me the truth and I won’t punish you and then you do. We better not be doing this with our children or they will be encouraged to tell those lies with the hope of not getting caught because they learn that punishment will come either way.

How many times do we lie to ourselves? Are we sometimes held captive by our lies?

Compulsive liars - a psychological problem. We have to hope that they recognize their problem or someone points it out and get help.

Government lies to protect us or keep us in the dark? After being out of the Naval Security Group for over 40 years I know there are still things I can’t talk about. It’s for the good of the nation. Is it really or is some one or some group just trying to protect themselves. If this peaks your interest then I know you will love my book entitled, “The Coded Letter”, which is going through it’s first edit as I write this.

Some people get so good at lying and are so convincing that many are taken in by them, especially the elderly and those with mental conditions. Nigerian scams, etc.

Lastly are the lies that are in newspapers, magazines, online news sources and on TV. We should all become more aware that this type of information is commonly influenced by who owns the outlet that is publishing or producing the information. So many things are now taken out of context just to manipulate the truth and confuse us. Is it fair? Many in politics say it is because both sides do it. Is it OK to do something just because everyone else is doing it. How many times have your children pulled that one on you?

This was not written to be judgmental of anyone, just to make you think about what you say and how it affects others. I hope it also gets you to carefully evaluate all that you read, see and hear.

Thanks for continuing to read “ Just Connecting Words”