Monday, December 5, 2011

Homer For Christmas

No I did not make a spelling error in my title. We will be home for Christmas and we’ll also have Homer, as in Simpson, guarding our home from Grinches and ready to welcome Santa when he gets here. Oh, and you can see our house from two blocks away when you make the curve. We all still believe. I leave the milk and cookies out when we go to bed on Christmas Eve and it’s gone when I get up. Our house has a sense of humor and pretty lights both inside and out. We already have a decorated tree up in the living room and one in the family room.

All of our lights, our neighbor’s lights and the lights all over town remind us of the Christ light that shines in each of us and the brightest light ever, the star over Bethlehem. We not only celebrate advent at church on Sunday but also by lighting our own advent candles at home and by opening a door each day on our advent calendar. We went to a Josh Wilson concert this past Saturday night. The ladies of Sarah Circle at church, of which my wife is a member, invited their husbands out to dinner and the concert and of course none of the husbands were too happy because it meant we would have to miss the first Big Ten Legends and Leaders play off game. As it turned out we all got home for the fourth quarter to see our Wisconsin Badgers win. They will now go to the Rose Bowl on January 2nd for the 2nd time in two years. Every man that attended the concert agreed that it was great, got us into the Christmas spirit and most importantly reminded us about the true meaning of Christmas. If you have not heard Christian singer/songwriter Josh Wilson, pull up one of his songs on line. I think you’ll enjoy it.

I hope everyone takes time to experience the true meaning of Christmas.