Friday, December 9, 2011

Good News, Bad News

Good news - I woke up this morning

Bad news - Very cold when I rolled out bed

Good news - Shower nice and hot

Bad news - Bathroom colder than when I got into shower

Good news - Electricity on in house

Bad news - Can’t hear furnace running

Good news - Son going down stairs to check furnace

Bad news - Can’t find anything wrong

Good news - Son doesn’t get dirty and gets on road to work

Bad news - I check and find pilot light out

Good news - I get pilot light to light and stay on

Bad news - Burners refuse to ignite

Good news - Local heating contractor will come out today

Bad news - Furnace is 30 years old (I almost know what’s coming)

Good news - Repairman arrives by 9:30 am

Bad news - Can only make temporary fix

Good news - Temporary fix will warm up house

Bad news - Not worth money to fix 30 year old furnace

Good news - They can replace the furnace next week

Bad news - Air conditioner and water heater also 30 years old

Good news - Tax breaks and rebates if we replace everything before Jan 1, 2012

Bad news - This was not in budget right before Christmas or after

Good news - We have stock we can sell

Bad news - I won’t be in Key West for my 65th birthday in Feb

Good news - After taking a hot shower I will be able to sit in my warm house, in Feb, in my shorts and a Hawaiian shirt sipping a rum runner and looking at pictures of the last time we were there. Great memories!

Bad news - There really isn’t any. Life is still good!