Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Just Connecting Words: Loyalty Day

Just Connecting Words: Loyalty Day: Just a reminder to fly your flag on the following days if you have one. The turmoil in our wonderful country seems to be increasing daily ...

Loyalty Day

Just a reminder to fly your flag on the following days if you have one. The turmoil in our wonderful country seems to be increasing daily and this is one way I express my gratitude for where I live, The Greatest County In The World. It is also another chance for me to honor all who served to keep us free. Our VFW Honor Guard, including me, is marching in a Loyalty Days Parade this Saturday. The day to actually fly your flag, for this little remembered day, is May 1st. Here's a little history on Loyalty Days and a list of days when flays should be flown.

Loyalty Day is an opportunity to express and reaffirm our loyalty to our country. It was meant to express allegiance to our Nation and its founding ideals and to ensure that the blessings of liberty endure and extend for generations to come." It dates back to the 1920's.

On Loyalty Day, we reaffirm our allegiance to our country and resolve to uphold the vision of our Forefathers. We should also take a moment to appreciate the members of our armed forces who are displaying the ultimate in loyalty and service to protect our freedoms, and liberty, and our way of life.

Loyalty Day was first celebrated in the 1920's. Communism was on the rise, and feared in America. At the time, May Day (May 1st) was perceived by some as a Communist holiday. In a sense, Loyalty Day was intended to counter this.

The U.S. Congress made this an official holiday on July 18, 1958 with the signing of Public Law 85-529. Then President Dwight D. Eisenhower, proclaimed May 1, 1959 the first official observance of Loyalty Day.

Flag Flying Days


January 1 New Year's Day

January 20 Inauguration Day (every fourth year)

3rd Monday in Jan Martin Luther King, Jr., Birthday

3rd Monday in Feb President's Day

(Variable) Easter Sunday

April 6 Army Day

April 13 Thomas Jefferson's Birthday

May 1 Loyalty Day

2nd Sunday in May Mothers Day

2nd Monday in May Peace Officers Memorial Day

3rd Saturday in May Armed Forces Day

May 22 National Maritime Day

Last Monday in May Memorial Day

June 14 Flag Day

3rd Sunday in June Fathers Day

June 27 Korean War Armistice Day

July 4 Independence Day

August 19 National Aviation Day

1st Monday in Sept Labor Day

September 11 Patriot Day

September 17 Constitution Day

3rd Friday in Sept POW/MIA Recognition Day

Last Sunday in Sept Gold Star Mothers Day

2nd Monday in Oct Columbus Day

October 27 Navy Day

November 10 Marine Corps Birthday

November 11 Veteran’s Day

4th Thursday in Nov Thanksgiving Day

December 7 Pearl Harbor Day

December 25 Christmas Day

God Bless You and God Bless America