Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pluralistically Ignorant

I have really not disconnected from writing, just gotten side tracked outside to the yard work and the vegetable garden. Re-fencing a 25 foot by 50 foot garden is taking a little more time than I had planned, but perhaps that's for another blog and another day.

I was looking at face book this morning and some one I know had only two words posted, "Pluralistically Ignorant". Yes I was curious and had to look it up. I won't go into the definition. You can look up the details if you care to.

My response is " I think therefore I am".
Wait, maybe it should be, I think therefore I may be ..... right, wrong or does it really matter.
I really don't have to think like everyone else because "that is the way I'm supposed to think."

It took me way too many years to figure out I really shouldn't be overly concerned with what others think because it is only an opinion they have of me or others. True friends know who I am and know what I'm about and accept me as I am, in many cases, anyway. I am opinionated, I let everyone know it and don't expect everyone or anyone to believe as I do. I've never been that convincing.

Life is just too short to get hung up on so many things that won't have any meaning tomorrow, next week or next month or even years from now. Each of us has to be responsible, but it's also OK to "lighten up" accept yourself as you are and enjoy what the day brings you.

It's too bad that it takes most of us so many years to learn that life is precious and way too short.

Enjoy Today because it truly is a gift. "Lighten Up!" Smile, Laugh, especially at yourself and do something silly and be thankful that you can.