Saturday, December 17, 2011

Is Progress Worth It ?

If you have just recently turned 65 or are about to like me you may also be having second thoughts about what progress has really brought us. I remember when I was young I would hear older people commenting about “the good old days” and thinking those old fuddy duddies don’t have a clue about how new inventions are continuously making their lives easier. Well, now I feel like I’m becoming one of those old fuddy duddies.

Electronics have probably created more good in our lives than bad, but I don’t think everyone has learned how to use it wisely. I would have given just about anything to talk to my wife and parents when I was stationed overseas in the 1960’s. Cel phones are also a blessing to older people who can carry one with them in case they get into some type of trouble. “Help, I’ve fallen and can’t get up.” It also helps that I can call my wife from the grocery store to check on which of the seven different types of pasta I was sent to buy. The most notable problem with them is the texting while driving. This has been outlawed in Wisconsin because many people do not use common sense and realize how distracting it can be until the accident happens. I feel even talking on one while driving is a distraction and should also be outlawed. This comes from me, one of the don’t trust anyone over 30 generation. I just don’t want to be the other car or person that gets hit. Now don’t let me infringe on your rights.

Texting is something that I am not real happy with either. Too many times I’ve had the experience where I can be trying to hold a conversation with someone when they are texting someone else at the same time. Excuse me, do you even know that I’m talking with you and when and where were you when they taught you the importance of being a good listener. Yes, I know the word “multitasking” and I also know the word “rude”.

I also have reservations about when a child should get a cel phone and when and how it should be used. I think it’s great that we now have better and quicker communication with our children and grandchildren and that we could track them if they ever needed to be found, but how much time do they spend on it calling friends, texting and playing games? Is there a skill here that they are learning that I am some how missing?

I do love my computer, the web and email because of the quickness with which I can get a note to someone and get a response back. It also gives me an opportunity to share my writing with anyone who cares to read it, even when I rant and complain, although it really is usually just to make you think about things. It gives me instant access to the happenings around my city, state, country and the world and quick and easy information about almost anything that might interest me. I still get a daily newspaper because I like the feel of it in my hands when I have my morning coffee. I have not yet progressed to a nook or kindle to read books on, but that too will come. I may even try to self publish my book on line. I know I can’t stop progress and that most of it is good. I also know I have some catching up to do with technology and will maybe even follow my children’s advice and get a smart phone. I’ll let you know if and when I do and how long it takes me to learn how to use it.

Thanks again to all those that follow my ramblings. Quoting my Pastor Paul, ”Why would I say something in one sentence when I can stretch it into a whole paragraph?” A man after my own heart.